On a personal note:

The missus and my 2 year anniversary is coming up this month, and she’s planning something special, but won’t tell me what it is.  So I am excited.

It’s been really crappy and cold here but the sun came out for the first time today just a few moments ago and it’s shining through my window and giving me a little energy boost, which I desperately need in order to get anything done around here today.

We preordered the entire L Word series the other night (it’s my new addiction), and are both excited for it to get here (who wants to have L Word night?).

I’m going to go return bottles at the grocery store, and maybe get some nice-smelling coffee beans to put in our giant coffee cup that has no purpose (other than to be a giant coffee cup).  Or maybe I’ll fill it with candy.

Laura got her hair cut really short (it’s actually shorter than mine!) and she looks supercute and adorable.

UPDATE: I settled on miniature chocolates.


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