About This Blog

This is my blog.  I use it to get shit out, and to occasionally bring you news and my twisted opinions on things.  That all being said, you might not like some of the things I write.  Tough shit.  Like I said, it’s my blog.

As this blog gets more traffic I assume it will also garner more comments (call me an optimist), and at that point I may choose to implement a more strict comment policy, but as for now, it boils down to this.

1. The blog is mine.  That means it’s a safe space for me, and I will not put up with personal attacks of any kind.  Personal attacks against me/other commenters or attacks against a group of people do not qualify as healthy debate.

So you have an example of this, here is what is not allowed:

“What a fat/ugly/whore/dyke/bitch/etc.”

“Women/men/republicans/democrats/southerners/Europeans/giant anteaters are stupid and here’s why…”

2. Healthy debate is encouraged.  Again, as owner of this blog, I decide what is healthy debate and what is not.

3. I decide which comments stay and which comments get deleted.  I won’t delete comments just because I disagree, but I will if I deem the comment to be off-topic or in any way incoherant to the safe space I was talking about in point 1.

That’s about it, folks.


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