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I’m back from my super-secret mission!

As you may or may not know, I have been on a super-secret mission for some time now.  This mission may or may not have included work, work, beer, work, Sarah Silverman, work, beer, the Superbowl, work, work, work, more beer, and sleeping(?), while not having internet to update everyone.

But now I have internet! (Kind of.)  Which means I can blog!

All of the fish I had the last time I actually updated have died.  On Christmas Eve.  I know.  But now we have two new fish, a black moor and a gorgeous (for a fish) redcap oranda (both fancy goldfish types) named Hamlet and Victor, respectively.  (The orandas have a bubble-head, and in Harry Potter book 4, Victor Krum performs a bubble-head charm.  >__> Yeah.)

I’m currently training to be an Assistant Manager at the sandwich shop that shall not be named, so I’ve been working a lot, with the added benefit of free food!  Which means that I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches, lately.

Last night the missus and I watched a movie in which the lovely Amber Benson was a star.  Unfortunately, it was quite possibly the worst movie ever made.  Ever.  I won’t even tell you what it was called, lest you become curious enough to subject yourself to the horror of that film.  I tell you this because it is becoming clear to me that picking movies based on who is in them may not be the best method for finding decent movies, because a lot of my favorite actors are in reeeeeeally shitty movies. (*cough*TarynManning*cough*)

But the missus is home now, so we’re going to settle in.  Later babes.


Whoa, a personal blog!

Gir got some blue shit on the back of his neck as a result of tearing apart my empty Arby’s bag yesterday, so today he gets a bath and the gods get a good chuckle out of the entire thing.

I bought some cherry cigarettes today and am not disappointed, but I’m still looking for the cappuccino flavored ones–why does no one carry them? Also I realized that I can’t pronounce Djarum so I had to figure it out online when I got home (for the record, it’s JA ROOM), and wondered how long I’ve been saying it incorrectly and sounding like an ass.

I brought Laura some Paliani’s for lunch today but we both filled up on breadsticks and salad before we even got to the strombolis. (Stromboli? Spell check suggests trombonists instead, which to me do not sound as tasty, but then I’ve never tried to eat a trombonist so I couldn’t say for sure.)

I start my new job at Subway on Sunday (woo, glamorous!)–I had a dream that I was working drive-thru but no one taught me how to do it so I utterly failed and was consequently fired. Our location does not have a drive-thru so I hope to avoid this.

I forgot batteries at the store again. Damn.

It’s time!

For a filler post, anyway. I’ve been pretty busy lately, picking up more hours at work, and so I’ve had less time to blog.

I hope everyone (in the U.S., anyway) had a fun and safe 4th of July. A couple of friends came over and we got drunk and flew kites (sort of) and lit off some fireworks. A good time was had by all.

[I was going to post an audio file for your listening pleasure, but it ended up not working out. Just imagine you’re listening to American Girls by Counting Crows.]

And in case you were wondering how I’m doing…

I’m doing quite well, thank you.

Currently, the missus is sick with a bug caught from the bestie (thanxalot), so while she sleeps it off I’m blogging.

I cut my hair, which I’m still getting used to–it’s really short! I mean, REALLY short.

We went to visit my grandpa for Easter, as did my aunts and my uncle that I have not seen in years, which was delightfully awkward, but grandpa can cook a mean ham. Also we made a stop up to Lake Huron so Laura could see it. She was delighted to see water again, and we got ice cream with my dad later that day.Also, I quit Little Caesars with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.
And I bought an upside-down catfish for Laura, which has done nothing but hide under the little plastic shack in the fish tank for the past week and conned me out of $7. I’ve only seen the damn thing twice since I put him in the tank (and one of those times was when I moved the shack–only to have him race underneath the little plastic treasure chest).

I suppose that’s it for now.

That’s what’s up! [Sunday Edition Special]

In keeping with the name of the blog, I figured I should do something special on Sunday editions, since I post whenever I feel like it anyway. So I’ll leave it up to the readers (all three of you) to decide what I should do for my Sunday posts. Make it fun and interesting, and I’ll decide out of the submissions which I like best.

Also, you might find some changes to the blog– I recently remembered I had a twitter account, so you’ll find updates from that near the top of the page on the right. You can find the blogs I’m following toward the bottom of the page (also at right).

In other news, the missus and I have been doing some serious movie-watching as of late (we joined Netflix). We’re almost done with our (read: my) Christina Ricci binge, and Laura couldn’t be happier. We’re planning on going shopping when she gets paid, because we both need new clothes. I want pinstriped pants for work and I’m in serious need of jeans.

I’m also going to look on eBay for an old Playstation (the first one) and games. I want to play Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. 🙂


It isn’t actually Sunday, and I’m not drinking coffee. In fact, it’s not even morning.

All you need to know is that this is the first post on my new blog, and my name is Amanda. Nice to make your acquaintance. Here you’ll find:

  • Proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Correct spelling.
  • Sarcasm and dry wit.
  • Self-deprecating humor.
  • The occasional rant.
  • Links to cool and/or amusing stuff that I find online. (Like this one.)

That’s it for now! I will most likely post every Sunday, but keep checking back in case I decide not to keep to a schedule. (You’ll know after the first two weeks or so.)