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I’m back from my super-secret mission!

As you may or may not know, I have been on a super-secret mission for some time now.  This mission may or may not have included work, work, beer, work, Sarah Silverman, work, beer, the Superbowl, work, work, work, more beer, and sleeping(?), while not having internet to update everyone.

But now I have internet! (Kind of.)  Which means I can blog!

All of the fish I had the last time I actually updated have died.  On Christmas Eve.  I know.  But now we have two new fish, a black moor and a gorgeous (for a fish) redcap oranda (both fancy goldfish types) named Hamlet and Victor, respectively.  (The orandas have a bubble-head, and in Harry Potter book 4, Victor Krum performs a bubble-head charm.  >__> Yeah.)

I’m currently training to be an Assistant Manager at the sandwich shop that shall not be named, so I’ve been working a lot, with the added benefit of free food!  Which means that I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches, lately.

Last night the missus and I watched a movie in which the lovely Amber Benson was a star.  Unfortunately, it was quite possibly the worst movie ever made.  Ever.  I won’t even tell you what it was called, lest you become curious enough to subject yourself to the horror of that film.  I tell you this because it is becoming clear to me that picking movies based on who is in them may not be the best method for finding decent movies, because a lot of my favorite actors are in reeeeeeally shitty movies. (*cough*TarynManning*cough*)

But the missus is home now, so we’re going to settle in.  Later babes.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hello, readers (and new follower!), this is to inform you that I may be taking a brief hiatus in order to, um, get my shit together.

Also, since my brain is currently malfunctioning aside from the obvious “Haha, funny man funny” in reference to the Eddie Izzard special I’m watching as I’m typing this, here are some links that you must click RIGHT NOW as I smoke.

– The Prez AND the Vice Prez like hamburgers too! I know, right?

– House passes hate crime legislation. (Question: does hate crime legislation limit freedom of speech? Short answer: no, and you’re dumb.)

– Swine flu might put a damper on Cinco de Mayo celebrations because, uh… only Mexicans have it? What?

– I JUST realized that the dorky guy in all those movies I’ve seen and curled my lip at… is the Mac guy! (For the record, I like PC guy better and I am stupid.)

Craigslist might drop their sex ads, which means you might want to hurry up.

And now this:


One of my favorite things to do is sift through used movies at stores and find good ones for cheap. Just this week I found four that I took home with me (for about $9 out of pocket, not bad at all after they bought back $22 worth of my old movies).

I want to have a movie night over here sometime soon, with old friends and good pizza.

Who’s in?

So much for keeping the classics classy.

Alright, so I know by now this is probably old news, but they’re revamping Bonnie and Clyde (1967) with the role of Bonnie being played by… wait for it… Hilary Duff. That’s right!

Aren’t you excited? Literally squealing for joy?

No offense to Hilary, but I can think of about a million people who would be better suited to play Bonnie. Apparently, so can Faye Dunaway, who played her in the original film. “Couldn’t they at least cast a real actress?”
Seriously, what about somebody with a little, I don’t know, talent? Or at least a bit of an edge to her? I’d much rather see someone like Kirsten Dunst in this role.

What is Hollywood thinking?

Netflix is starting to scare me.

The more movies you rate/add to your queue on Netflix, the more narrow the recommendations are for you. I logged on today, and it gave me a list of five movie “genres” that I might enjoy. This list includes:

Gay & Lesbian Dramas (based off my preferences of gay & lesbian and drama films);
Independent Thrillers (because I like indies and thrillers, yeah);
Dark Movies starring Sean Penn (I don’t really particularly care for Sean Penn, but I watched Milk, and 21 Grams is in my queue);
Quirky Mother-Daughter Comedies (How is this even a category? This is of course, given that I liked Penelope and I have Happiness in my queue); and
Visually-striking Mind-bending Fantasy. Fuck yeah!

That’s what’s up! [Sunday Edition Special]

In keeping with the name of the blog, I figured I should do something special on Sunday editions, since I post whenever I feel like it anyway. So I’ll leave it up to the readers (all three of you) to decide what I should do for my Sunday posts. Make it fun and interesting, and I’ll decide out of the submissions which I like best.

Also, you might find some changes to the blog– I recently remembered I had a twitter account, so you’ll find updates from that near the top of the page on the right. You can find the blogs I’m following toward the bottom of the page (also at right).

In other news, the missus and I have been doing some serious movie-watching as of late (we joined Netflix). We’re almost done with our (read: my) Christina Ricci binge, and Laura couldn’t be happier. We’re planning on going shopping when she gets paid, because we both need new clothes. I want pinstriped pants for work and I’m in serious need of jeans.

I’m also going to look on eBay for an old Playstation (the first one) and games. I want to play Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. 🙂